Craig Herzog founded Herzog Geotechnical to continue the professional and service standards developed by the Herzog family geotechnical firm over the last 30 years. Our professionals have extensive geotechnical experience, and have earned an admirable reputation for completing projects on time and on budget.

These projects include:

At Herzog Geotechnical, you work directly with senior professionals with the education, training, experience and authority to give you timely answers. When prompt decisions are required to keep your project underway, our professionals are capable of making those decisions.

Findings and documents are reviewed by senior personnel for accuracy and completeness prior to submittal. Similarly, all laboratory test results are carefully evaluated by a registered professional.

Representative projects completed by Herzog Geotechnical team members

CITY OF NOVATO, PLANNING AND ENGINEERING DIVISIONS, Novato, CA - Provided geotechnical consultation and peer review for numerous projects, including Novato Community Hospital, Marin Country Club Development, Black Point Golf Links, Atherton Ranch, Woodside Development, Olive Ridge, Hamilton Hangers, the Buck Center Housing Development, Inspiration at Chapel Hill, Oleander Lane Subdivision, Olive Court, Brookside Meadows, Marin Business Center and Woodview, and others.

MARIN MUNICIPAL WATER DISTRICT, Marin County , CA Performed geotechnical investigations and provided services during construction and retrofit of numerous large water tanks and pipeline projects. Projects have included Summit Trail Tank Replacement, Vernal Avenue Water Tank, Tiburon First Lift Tank, Lapachet Tank Replacement, Manzanita Tank Replacement, Terra Linda Tank, Bret Harte Tank, Marinwood Tank, Scott Tanks #1 and #2, Concrete Pipe Road Pipe Replacement Project, Rafael Highlands Tank, Phoenix Lake Access Road Stabilization, Oak Springs Drive Landslide/Pipeline Realignment, Sky Oaks Road Stabilization, and others.

CITY OF NOVATO , CIP, Novato , CA - Provided geotechnical engineering services for remedial and capital improvement projects for the City of Novato , including the San Marin Pedestrian Path, the 771 Rowland Avenue slide repair.

TOWN OF CORTE MADERA, Corte Madera, CA - Provided geotechnical engineering services for remedial and capital improvement projects for the Town of Corte Madera, including Fire Station #13 Replacement, Montecito Drive Retaining Wall, Sewer Replacements (Oakdale Avenue, Manzanita Avenue, Alta Way), Storm Drain Replacements (Meadowsweet Drive, Corte Madera Avenue), Shorebird Pump Station, District No. 1 Main Replacements, Alta Way Roadway Stabilization, Redwood Avenue Retaining Wall, Bayside Trail/San Clemente Park, Corte Madera Skate Park and others.

SAN JOSE REGIONAL LANDSLIDE STUDY , San Jose, CA - Detailed evaluation of the stability of numerous active, deep seated landslides in the San Jose East Foothills, including the over 300-foot-deep Penitencia Creek Landslide. Study included reviewing hundreds of geotechnical and geologic reports prepared in the Special Geologic Hazard Area, compiling and evaluating existing laboratory test data and analysis procedures, analyzing earthquake site response, slope stability and earthquake induced deformations of existing slopes, and developing recommended geotechnical guidelines and procedures for use by the City of San Jose for investigation and analysis of deep seated landslides.

MILL VALLEY COMMUNITY CENTER , Mill Valley , CA - Geotechnical investigation for two-story, pile-supported community center building and out-of-ground swimming pool on former landfill site. Project included settlement and stability analyses of proposed fills over soft Bay Mud deposits, development of site-specific earthquake response spectra and providing geotechnical design criteria for deep foundations.

FAIRFAX STREETS, Fairfax , CA - Geotechnical investigation and design recommendations for stabilizing numerous streets in connection with Measure K roadway improvements. Also performed investigation and construction observation during emergency repairs of Town Streets.

MILL VALLEY STREETS, Mill Valley , CA - Geotechnical reconnaissance and consultation for entire 50 miles of Mill Valley 's hillside streets. Geotechnical investigations for remediation of several roadway sites to correct landslide conditions.
§ NAPA VALLEY COLLEGE , Napa California - Geotechnical investigation, geologic hazards evaluation and construction observation for a new Vintners Teaching Winery building. Project included an evaluation of liquefaction induced settlements in accordance with updated California Division of Mines and Geology guidelines, and of developing recommendations for lime treatment of weak and expansive soils.

MARIN COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, San Rafael , CA - Provided geotechnical services during construction of new jail building adjacent to existing Frank Lloyd Wright Civic Center . Project included monitoring of blasting, performing kinematic and stability analyses for extensive rock cutslopes, and providing recommendations for permanent tieback anchors to shore 35-foot high slopes adjacent to the Civic Center .

SANTA ROSA JUNIOR COLLEGE , Santa Rosa , CA - Geotechnical investigation and construction observation for a new Health Sciences Building . Project included an evaluation of liquefaction induced settlements in accordance with updated California Division of Mines and Geology guidelines, and of developing recommendations for foundation support on weak and expansive soils.

SAN RAFAEL CANAL FORCE MAIN, San Rafael, CA - Performed geotechnical investigation for two large diameter pipelines installed beneath the canal utilizing directional tunneling and jacking techniques. Project included extensive coring for characterization of Franciscan bedrock along the alignment.

SKYWALKER RANCH, Lucas Valley, CA - Geotechnical investigations for construction of technical building, day care center and guest apartments with underground parking at George Lucas' large film production complex. Projects included stability evaluations, providing design recommendations for tiedback shoring in weak colluvial soils, and developing design criteria for conventional spread footings, drilled piers and driven piles.

MENDOCINO COAST DISTRICT HOSPITAL , Fort Bragg , CA - Performed liquefaction evaluation for emergency room addition, and provided recommendations for the installation of driven piles for foundation support.

KENT LAKE STREAM RELEASE REPLACEMENT, Kent Lake, CA - Performed geotechnical investigation for new siltation basin at the base of existing large dam. Project included stability analysis of deep cuts within old fill deposits, and recommendations for soil nail and braced shoring systems.

OAK SPRINGS WATER LINE REPLACEMENT, San Anselmo, CA - Performed geotechnical investigation and construction observation during replacement of water line damaged by landsliding. Project consisted of deepening water line below the zone of sliding and active creep.

CONCORD NAVAL WEAPONS FACILITY PIPELINE, Concord , CA - Performed geotechnical investigation along planned alignment of major pipeline.

SAINT HELENA WATER TANK, Saint Helena , CA - Performed geotechnical investigation for new 2.7 MG water tank. Project included the evaluation of steep cut slopes and mitigation of differential settlements due to variable foundation conditions.

GEORGE LUCAS PROPERTY , San Anselmo , CA - Geotechnical investigation for planned residential structure and court on steep hillside. Project involved design of numerous tiered reinforced earth walls ranging up to approximately 30 feet high, developing tiedback shoring recommendations for planned 40 foot cut in sheared and faulted Franciscan Melange, and providing geotechnical recommendations for roadway stabilization, extensive site grading, structural support of improvements and the construction of a bridge.

BENMORE VALLEY DAM, Lake County, CA - Performed seismic stability evaluation of existing earth dam including rapid drawdown analyses and liquefaction analyses, and provided conclusions and recommendations concerning construction or a downstream filter system to prevent piping erosion through the dam. Project included detailed site response evaluation and post-liquefaction seismic deformation analyses.

GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE - SOUTH TOWER , San Francisco , CA - Performed an evaluation of potential backfill materials suitable for placement between the existing bridge pier and surrounding coffer dam to absorb the impact of large super tankers.

WHITES HILL, Woodacre , CA - Performed stability analyses of four major landslides and provided design alternatives for protection of adjacent roadway. Among considered alternatives were tiedback lateral support systems, geogrid-reinforced buttress fills and soldier pile bridges. Performed construction inspection during construction of slide repairs.

OLD REDWOOD HIGHWAY BRIDGE , Petaluma , CA - Performed a subsurface investigation of the project site using cone penetrometer and provided conclusions and recommendations regarding pile foundation design and liquefaction potential at the site.

REDWOOD LANDFILL EXPANSION, Novato , CA - Provided technical review services in connection with the proposed vertical expansion of the existing landfill facility. Performed static and dynamic stability and deformation analyses to evaluate the sequenced staged loading of 165 foot high refuse slopes to be placed over soft bay mud foundation.

UPPER RESERVOIR DAM REMOVAL, St. Helena , CA - Performed geotechnical and geophysical investigation and provided recommendations for the removal of an existing 100 year old dam, restoration of the upstream channel and stabilization of the adjacent roadway.

RANCHO SOLANO SUBDIVISION, Fairfield, CA - Provided services in connection with the identification and evaluation of over 100 landslides at an existing 800 residential lot subdivision. Project included extensive subsurface and geophysical investigation, geologic characterization, stability analyses and recommendation of mitigation measures.

CENTRAL LANDFILL EXPANSION, Performed geotechnical, geologic and hydrogeologic investigation for planned expansions in two canyons adjacent to the existing landfill. Project included analyzing static and seismic stability of planned cutslopes and refuse slopes, performing geologic and hydrogeologic site characterization, evaluating potential liner materials and delineating potentially active faults extending through the site.

GOLDEN GATE BUSINESS PARK , Novato , CA - Provided static and seismic stability analyses of fill slopes, settlement evaluation and foundation design criteria for two large office buildings supported on pile and mat foundations over soft bay mud.

SAUSALITO YACHT HARBOR BULKHEAD REPAIR, Sausalito , CA - Performed geotechnical investigation of failed waterfront bulkhead using the cone penetrometer, and provided geotechnical design criteria for a tiedback sheetpile bulkhead and associated driven pile deadman anchors.

TIBURON FIRE DEPARTMENT, Tiburon , CA - Performed settlement analyses of conventional and lightweight fill over soft bay mud and provided design alternatives to mitigate settlement impact on adjacent structures.

CORTE MADERA FIRE STATION # 13, Corte Madera , CA - Performed settlement and stability analyses, and developed mitigation measures to address seismic lurching of fill banks over soft bay mud.

WILLOWBROOK CENTER -7, Petaluma , CA - Performed geotechnical investigation for 200,000 square foot industrial building on expansive adobe underlain by deep alluvial soils. Project included performing site response analyses for a detailed evaluation of potential liquefaction induced settlement, providing recommendations for the control of expansive surface soils, and managing observation and testing services during construction.

MENDOCINO COAST DISTRICT HOSPITAL , Fort Bragg , CA - Performed liquefaction evaluation for emergency room addition, and provided recommendations for the installation of driven piles for foundation support.

PENNGROVE FIRE STATION, Penngrove , CA - Performed geotechnical investigation for addition to existing fire station located on weak, compressible alluvial soils.

THOMPSON FAULT EVALUATION, Ukiah , CA - Provided geotechnical input for preparation of detailed investigation along the active Maacama Fault in accordance with the Alquist-Priolo Act. Project included extensive field investigation, aerial photo interpretation, and developing seismic design criteria considering near-field effects and topographic amplification.

NIELSON DAM, Santa Rosa , CA - Performed static and seismic stability evaluation of existing earth dam. Project included detailed site response analysis of anticipated ground motions from Healdsburg-Rodgers Creek fault located 200 feet away, and corresponding post-liquefaction seismic deformation analysis.

SUTRO TOWER , San Francisco , CA , Performed geotechnical investigation and construction observation in connection with a new generator pad facilities at base of tower.

GEOTECHNICAL PEER REVIEW SERVICES, Larkspur, San Anselmo, Novato , Marin County , CA - Provided review of geotechnical planning and building permit-level submittals to evaluate conformance with local ordinances and geotechnical standards of practice.

STAFFORD LANDSLIDE, Stafford , CA - Performed geotechnical investigation and provided design recommendations for the construction of a large debris deflection/catchment basin in connection with a massive debris flow landslide.

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